Add a Simple Payment Button to Your Site

WordPress Now Comes with a Quick Payment Button Option

For any business on the internet, having a quick option to perform payments is a prerequisite. While it is always an option to go to a payment gateway, it comes with filling too many details and passing too many security checks. To ensure that customers are comfortable with doing payments on your website, payment must be fast and convenient. This is what WordPress has come up with.

Getting the Idea of a Simple Payment Button

Given the need of an easy payment option, WordPress decided to incorporate a payment button option as a built-in option on their platform. Even though the option always existed, the entire process can now be completed within a minute as opposed to the usual 15 minutes. Bob Ralian is responsible for improving this option, and he has delivered excellently. According to Bob, they began with asking people, especially small businesses, about what they would really love to be added to their websites. Most of them admitted that they would really wish to see faster payment options. They worked hard to make this wish of such WordPress website owners true and they succeeded.

How Does It Work?

In any new post, click on “Insert Content” option, and choose the “Add Payment” button. In a new dialog box, fill in the necessary details about your services, and also your PayPal address. This is where the money would be received. That’s all. You are all set to receive payments from your customers.

Who Can Have It?

The new payment option has been developed using MVLP (Minimum Viable Lovable Product), which means that instead of launching the entire complex product, it is launched one completed feature at a time. Instead of building the entire framework for payments, WordPress decided to launch it according to features, starting with quick PayPal payment. Hence, the current fast payment option is available only for Premium and Business Plan subscribers on, while those using the WordPress site would need either JetPack Premium or Professional plans to access this feature.