7 Tips to Plan Website Development Budget

Web Design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. It increases your credibility towards customers. Some of the businesses don’t have any physical location. Their website is their business location. This doesn’t mean that you need to pay an exorbitant amount to top designers, but rather you need a design and plan that works for your business. Designing and building a website requires prudent planning when it comes to estimated cost and delivery.


Here are the 7 proven tips to Budget your Website Development:


  • Identify your Business Goal: –This is the very first step in the website development. You need to identify your business goal. You need to know what you want from your customer. The goal will definitely help to define the website flow.
  • Domain Name Registration: –Once you are done with goal setting, the next step is to register for a domain. The best site I feel for it is Godaddy.com as you can easily get a domain at Rs 99. But you can also check at Register.com or Hover.com. Comparing the prices and features will lead to the best selection.
  • Website Hosting: –If Domain is a name of your website, the website hosting is a place where your domain is located. You need to pay for space on the web. It is the physical location where your website is given space by servers so that visitors can come and visit your website and may get converted to leads.
  • Website Prototype: – Before actual designing of the website, we need to understand the flow of the website. It is important to make a wireframe for this activity. Website prototype is nothing but a sketch of the final website. Its says how my website will look like. Many free tools such as Moqups.com come for this task. You can make free wireframes for one or two websites using this. This doesn’t even involve cost if done precisely.
  • Start with simple one: –The most crucial step is to get started on a simple platform. Your website doesn’t need to be based on hardcore programming language. You can make your website based on WordPress. It doesn’t involve much cost and give a good look and feel to the website. Even Non-programmers can make a website on WordPress. There is no requirement of a separate code for making the site responsive. These are the built-in function of WordPress and you can easily cut cost in your website development.
  • Content Development: –A website developer is more concerned about designing the website. Content Development generally remains under-budgeted because we don’t understand its importance. Website designing may lead to good traffic and people love to visit it, but the most important is the content part as it will only convert into leads.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: -Sounds weird? But yes, it’s important. No one is going to see your design and content if it is not ranked on 1st Page of Google. Investing in SEO is always a good idea. It involves doing SEO of webpage title, URL, Content and Meta. It also includes link building activities that make websites more credible. The actual cost for this differs in various agencies. You can also hire freelancers for this

​The above mentioned tips can certainly help in cutting down the budget of your website development to a large extent. And yes, it would be done without compromising on the content quality, look and feel of the website. So, here’s your chance to apply these tips and develop a successful website.