Using social media for customer service

Using social media for customer service

For many companies, going on social media is mainly driven by the need to increase brand awareness and consequently improve sales. But social media is also a good outlet for customer service. Providing customer service support over popular social media channels like Twitter and Facebook can result to stronger, closer relationships with customers.

Knowledge on responding to customers’ comments is integral in providing customer support on social media and will determine the success of a business on these channels. But the question is how does a business owner or retailer answer feedback on social media?

The following are some pointers to remember when providing customer service on social media:

  1. Customer service reps should be careful in the choice of words

A customer who’s complaining is obviously upset so be wary of the words you use as these can further hurt them. Avoid using words or phrases such as “you just need to” as these can come off as being dismissive.

  1. Don’t blame the customer

If the issue is not the fault of the retailer, there’s no need to pin the blame on the consumer. After apologizing, retailers should show that they are sincere in making things right for their cutomers. Move forward and provide solutions that can salvage the situation.

  1. Admit mistakes

But if the business is at blame, then the owner should own up to it. Issue an apology. Then offer a solution to make it up with the customer. This is a basic principle in customer service.

  1. Use humor in dealing with customer

One of the best ways to connect with a customer and leave a good impression is to use humor. A funny reply can turn any conversation into one that’s memorable. But exercise good judgment in determining when to use humor because some customers may find it bothersome when a customer rep tries to be funny. It may come across as being not serious in assisting the customer.