Small businesses to benefit from partnership

Small businesses

Small businesses are predicted to benefit the most from the collaboration between Liquid Web, LLC and Glew. The two firms recently announced that online businesses hosted in managed WooCommerce will get advanced analytics services as a result of their partnership.

Liquid provides manage hosting and application services to web professionals and small businesses while Glew is considered the leader in online analytics and business intelligence.

Impact on Small businesses

In a statement, Liquid Web vice president of products and innovations Chris Lema said that his firm’s partnership with Glew means many e-commerce businesses will be able to turn data into actionable information.

He says that the automatic segmentation of product and customer data puts the firm in a class of its own, as it offers a more robust way of collecting data compared to Google Analytics.

Lema says that Liquid Web is particularly focused on enabling small businesses to maximize their earnings potential online. He says that by joining hands with Glew, Liquid Web will be able to help online merchants to monitor their marketing channels and determine which campaigns are yielding the best return on investment.

Lema explains that the product analytics that the firm provides helps its customers in maximizing their inventory and profit margins. He adds that all the data are kept off the WooCommerce store. Furthermore, customers who are into the Managed Hosting platform of WooCommerce won’t have to pay extra for the services as these are immediately included in their plans.

Data Analytics and Small Businesses

Data analytics have become very important for many online small businesses. For one, they can use public data sets to collect information and get insights on consumer behavior. An example would be an online dress store optimizing their stocks based on the number of likes of a Facebook post or even web search results.

With the recent partnership of Liquid Web and Glew, more small businesses should be able to benefit from data analytics.