These Top 5 WordPress Predictions for 2018 Will Amaze You

Top 5 WordPress Predictions for 2018

With millions of users of WordPress, knowing about the changes in the growth and development of the platform with the starting of New Year is something you must be keen about. Some amazing WordPress predictions have been made, amongst which the top 5 you will be reading ahead.

Talking about the most popular systems for website management and blogging, one name always emerges to be the best of all, WordPress. Currently, most of the top 10 million websites are using it for their operations.

The Top 5 WordPress Predictions Expected in the Year 2018

1. The Popularity of Video Headers – the Most Prominent WordPress Predictions:

With the new version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’, WordPress has introduced the creative video header option to decorate and customize your posts.

Initially, it was used by specific websites but in this upcoming year, the popularity and usage of video headers are going to increase rapidly. This can even give rise to some intense integrated themes and features for the development of videos.

2. Importance of Mobile-Friendly Themes:

Most of the technological access to a human being is through his mobile phone. Therefore, a theme which enables the users to access the content on mobile effectively will gain more usage.

Hence, mobile-centric themes will flood over the ones which do not support well the mobile software. It is extremely important for every company to support the mobile-friendly trend to survive in the market today.

3. Increase in the Usage of Drag and Drop Feature:

To have quick and enhanced development and customization, the drag and drop feature of WordPress has always saved time and interest of its users. In the year 2018, this feature might be found at the top of the game for providing easy functioning.

4. Enhanced Cyber Security:

With the increasing cyber-crimes and profile attacks on websites, the necessary steps to secure the profiles are of utmost importance. Therefore, in 2018, one of the WordPress predictions is that better and developed security tools will be added and encouraged for use so as to protect the users in every possible manner.

5. The Trend of E-Commerce Sites Will Be Increased:

E-Commerce has invaded the market across the globe. And WordPress has played an important role for the same. The year 2018 will enhance the plug-ins used for E-commerce themes and websites on WordPress and will also provide a platform for the uprising small-scale business who want to enter the field of online selling.