Shopify Major Moves Announced

Shopify Major Moves

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, has announced numerous moves to make it easier for its customers to improve their respective online businesses. Shopify major moves can help online merchants in three major areas—selling, working efficiently, and maximizing the Shopify partner ecosystem.

In a statement, Shopify founder and CEO Tobi Lutke said that the firm wants to give a voice to all kinds of online merchants around the world. He said that the new tools are designed for Shopify users to easily run a business and become more successful.

Shopify said it is upgrading its POS for retail stores with multiple-channel returns and exchanges, including a companion app for an improved customer checkout experience.  It is also introducing a new tap and chip reader to improve shopping experience, as well as the building of a new brick-and-mortar store which will showcase its best products, services, and technology.

Shopify Major moves for marketing simplification

Shopify major moves for marketing simplification focus on minimizing the complexity of marketing and in the process, help its users to sell more.
The firm announced that a new marketing section in the Shopify dashboard will enable its users to create, manage, and measure marketing campaigns through their favorite Shopify apps.  Shopify users will also get detailed marketing recommendations.

Shopify Major moves for simplifying back office workflows

Shopify said its Locations feature will enable online merchants to manage their inventories across numerous locations leading to a more streamlined fulfillment experience.  Meanwhile, its Fraud Protect feature will offer protection for orders that were processed through Shopify Payments and enable its users to fulfill more orders with minimal delays.
The firm is also rolling out a brand-new app, Shopify Ping, which will centralize conversations between Shopify users and their customers.
Shopify’s new App store, on the other hand, will generate customized recommendations so users will be able to make better decisions for their online businesses.