Find out the New and Amazing Features of WooCommerce 3 3

What’s New in WooCommerce 3 3? Let’s Look At It!

The new and updated version of WooCommerce is now available for your use from 30th January 2018. A beta version of WooCommerce 3 3 was available in December 2017 for testing purposes.

The emphasis of this update is to bring overall betterment in the performance numbers of the store.

The new features of WooCommerce 3 3 are as follows:

Enhanced Screen For Orders in WooCommerce 3 3:

The screen used for orders earlier was not very clear and created a little confusion. Therefore, the new update resolves this issue and gives you the much needed enhanced features of the orders screen. The large and clear buttons have replaced the old small and confusing icons, no more hassles to be faced while working with the custom codes and extensions. Thus, these features have certainly increased the chances of sales.

Easy and Accurate Inventory Management With Backorders:

WooCommerce 3 3 introduces a brand new stock status called “On Backorder”. This feature can now be used for the purpose of inventory management by the merchants as well as the store managers. Apart from this, minor changes have been made for better management of the inventory. With the integration of more automation, the process of stock management has become spontaneous.

Extended Variety of Themes:

With the use of WooCommerce 3 3, you no longer have to restrict to the themes designed only for WooCommerce. The new version allows you to opt for the themes which do not state support for WooCommerce. Thus, you have an extended variety of themes to choose from.

Image Size Customization:

You can now use the Customizer to change the size of your images in WooCommerce 3 3. The image sizes of the themes declaring support for WooCommerce can be edited. Therefore, you get a better store management by choosing the images that fit your specifications.

Wrap up:

The new WooCommerce 3.3 has definitely introduced the much-needed improvements. Thus, all those stores which decide to upgrade to the new version will definitely add great value to their business. Parden me if I have missed out to discuss any new feature in the updated version. Feel free to comment or give feedback on this read in the comment box below. I will be happy to respond on any of your comment, feedback or suggestion.