How to find trending products in 2018

Trending products, the key to a trending store!

To succeed in e-commerce you need three things: the best trending products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed.

If you can identify an upwards consumer trend, trending products, you can build a highly profitable business around it.

Consumer trends are determined by the habits or behaviors currently popular among consumers.

Data is often collected on these trends that includes information like how a consumer uses a product, and how they communicate about a brand with their social groups.

In this post, we’ll go over an upcoming consumer trend, as well as identify three product opportunities and how you can build a profitable business piggybacking on their popularity.

Millennials account for 26% of the current US population. They’re also spending a lot of money online.  They’re simply tired of the idea of shopping malls or traditional retailers.

So, what are some upcoming consumer trends being influenced by millennials?  According to studies from Goldman Sachs, millennials are:

  • More health conscious than previous generations
  • Big fans of athletic brands
  • More tech-savvy than previous generations

Now you know what the majority of the market is interested in and what it’s paying attention to.

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But how can you identify trends and viral products?

Finding trends is an important part of running an online store. You need to know what items will be popular before they peak. By ‘catching the wave’ you’ll be able to make money from growing sales rather than from the product’s decline.

Every niche has its own trends. In 2017, we saw the rise of fidget spinners within the toy and gadget niche. In fashion, we see new trends each season for apparel, accessories, and shoes. In weight loss, we’re seeing a growing trend in silicone vacuum cups.

When it comes to choosing a niche, you’ll want an evergreen niche that constantly has new trends. It’s not about making the trend the niche.

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Find Trending Products, Methods:

To find trending products, you’ll want to look at the product order volume on AliExpress. If you notice a product has over 1,000 orders, it’s possible that it’s a trending item.
Another AliExpress feature that allows you to find popular trends is the ‘Best Selling’ tab on their website. Each week new products get added to the list of AliExpress’ best selling products. If you have a store within one of the niches of the trending products, you can import it to your dropshipping store. By having the best selling products in your store, you increase your chances of landing a sale since they’re proven sellers.

Reddit Forums
Social forums are an awesome place to find trending products, do product research and get insight into any niche market. Reddit is packed full of subreddits such as: Shut Up and Take My MoneyBuy For Life and Find it On Amazon. These sub-forums give you access to active communities where you can get first-hand feedback on new, trending products and see what consumers are saying about them.

Pinterest has thousands of millions of active users, and the majority of them are millennials. Why is this important? Because those millennials use Pinterest to find things they want to buy. This makes this platform trending and the “trending” Section highly valuable to small businesses on the hunt for new products.

Best Sellers
Simply search Amazon, and eBay’s best sellers and sell those products.

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