Best WordPress Themes for Selling Digital Products

Top 5 WordPress Themes for Selling Digital Products

We often see most of the digital advertisements showed in digital platforms are all for selling products on various websites. So, digital platform has proven to be the best way for marketing all your digital products and reaching the customers as well. You can also promote and sell your digital products by creating a new selling website on WordPress to make money in an online forum. But it’s important to have an attractive theme installed on your website for selling digital products.

You just need to choose the best and well-optimized theme to support your online business in a legitimate way. So, focus more on the themes that you are going to use on your website. To help you in this, we have come up with a list of the top 5 WordPress themes for selling digital products. Let’s check them out!

1. SquareCode

SquareCode is one of the best-known WordPress themes and is the best suitable one for the selling digital products. The theme comes with an attractive look and is easy to customize. Using SquareCode theme will definitely give you better growth. Some of the key functionalities are SEO compatibility, layout, responsive design etc.

2. EDigital for Selling Digital Products

You may come across the name EDigital which is another WordPress theme that supports selling digital products. This particular theme works fine in selling digital downloading products easily with an attractive look. EDigital is suitable for EDD compatibility, quality code, color options, designs etc.

3. Stocky

This theme is specially built for selling digital products which are completely based on photography. So, this theme can be a perfect match for the people who want to sell photographs or some other kind of digital files. The theme has an attractive design and is SEO-friendly.

4. Book Store

When looking for the best professional oriented WordPress themes for selling digital products like books and other things, Book Store is the suitable one. Using this you can customize your website for selling products such as eBooks, software applications, Photographs etc.

5. Pyxis

Pyxis is a WordPress theme which has an attractive look and is suitable for websites that sell digital products. It can be used for selling products like audios, videos, photos and other digital materials. So you can select this theme for easy and better customer experience.


It’s obvious for every website to have an attractive theme irrespective of the functionality. Mostly website visitors first look for the quality of a website, and then the products they sell. So, choose the right theme for your WordPress website to promote your digital products and make money by selling those products through your website.