5 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Isn’t Ranking in Google

Know Why Your WordPress Website is Unable to Score Good Ranking in Google

It happens with many website owners that despite their hard work and dedication, something restrains their WordPress website from being at good ranking in Google. Well, following are a few reasons which might answer why it happens!

1. Content – One of the Most Important Reasons of Ranking in Google:

The quality of the content on your website will decide its authenticity and thus will affect its ranking. In order to make your content better and reliable, make sure it is informative, fresh, descriptive, unique, and grammatically correct. All these factors would determine the quality of your content. If taken care of, you will automatically see results as better ranking in Google.

2. Permalinks:

Permalinks are those links which are permanent and leads to a particular post or page on your website. They play a vital role in determining your ranking in Google because of their sensitivity to be in a human and machine-readable form. If there is a glitch in these permalinks like being too long or having complex bits, Google might not be able to keep a track of your website and thus it will lower your ranking.

3. Mobile Responsiveness is another Very Important Factor for Ranking in Google:

Do you know that more than half of the traffic on a website is generated through mobile? Therefore, in case your website doesn’t have mobile responsiveness while being searched on Google by a phone, your website won’t show up in the search. This will surely put down your ranking in Google.

4. Unfamiliarity:

When you start new with WordPress, there is a high possibility that due to the unfamiliarity with many features, you might have opted for one that affects your ranking in Google. Thus, analyze and check your settings once to rule that out.

5. Keywords:

Keywords are an important factor deciding the visibility of your website in Google search engine result pages. If used wisely, they can push up your website to good ranking in Google and if not, it will do more harm than good. Make sure you don’t uselessly stuff your keywords in the content, it won’t help. Use little specific and long keywords your reader might use. You can also take assistance from a number of available plugins on WordPress.

Final Thoughts:

The above mentioned factors might be affecting your website’s ranking in Google. Make the required amendments and you are good to rise.