Learn How To Increase Referral Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Tips to Drive More Referral Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Referral traffic is basically that traffic which is directed from a source other than the Google search. To make it successful, you need to have reputable sources which will refer your website.

It is rather difficult to increase traffic to your website, but doing so is important to keep your business going. In order to increase the viewers of your website, you need to be efficient enough to bring out the best from limited resources.

Following are a few tips or strategies which can help you bring more of referral traffic to your website:

1. Comment on Relevant Blogs:

This is an essential source for getting referral traffic. You can add the link to your website that you’ll fill while commenting on a blog. Later, you can add the link in the comments of an influential and relevant blog which will drive a lot of traffic. Make sure to keep your comment informative and to the point to avoid being exploited by the spammers.

2. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Get Referral Traffic:

It does not come as a surprise that social media controls almost 1/3rd of the referral traffic received by your website. It is an amazing source to boost up its reach. Adding a good social sharing WordPress plugin to your website can enable social media sharing options easily.

3. Participate in Local Events:

Sponsoring or being a part of a local event in your area can tremendously increase the popularity and reach of your website. You can take use of a booth, banners etc. to gain the visibility of your website among the audience of such events.

4. Participate in Q&A Websites:

Answering questions with expertise on websites like Quora and Yahoo Q&A can help increase your influence on the readers. Also, you can try adding the link to your blog or website with the relevant information regarding the question. This will help a lot in increasing your referral traffic.


Once you are successful in strategizing how to direct referral traffic to your website, you get to reap huge benefits automatically for a long period of time. Use the above-mentioned tips and start getting huge referral traffic which will help in increasing your revenue and decreasing the rejection.