Here’s How You Can Easily Engage Visitors on Your WordPress Site

6 Effective Tips to Engage Visitors on Your WordPress Site

The complete cycle of an online business depends upon the ability of your website to turn a viewer into a customer. The time spent by a visitor on your website plays a vital role in deciding the SEO ranking of your website. The more, the merrier. The longer a viewer stays on the website, the better he gets to know about your products and services. Thus, here are 6 effective tips to increase the stay time and engage visitors on your website:

1. Simple Design to Engage Visitors:

Use a simple and straight design which provides to the point information that might be needed by your viewer. Adding unnecessary complexity to your website would do no good to engage visitors.

2. Use Quality Content to Engage Visitors:

The content held by your website immensely affects the interest of the viewer on your website. Keeping good quality content will increase the stay rate of your visitors rapidly.

3. Maintain Less Page Load Time:

Make sure your website is light and it takes the minimum possible time to load the landing page. The longer a viewer has to wait for your website to load, the more chances are that he/she might close it even before opening due to the poor page load time of your website.

3. Clarity:

The readability of your content is extremely important in order to maintain the visitor’s stay time on your website. The font, style, and placement of your content should be perfect and easily readable.

4. Attractiveness:

Add various relevant images and videos to your website to make it more interesting. This will allow you to engage visitors and also help them understand more about your product.

5. Mobile Optimization:

It is necessary for a website to be mobile-friendly in order to be accessible by the users on the mobile. Almost everyone today uses a phone to perform various technological functions which include e-shopping, posting on social media, checking out websites etc. So, to increase the visitors and to expand their visiting time, it is necessary that they are able to access the website from their mobile phones too.


The tips mentioned above to engage visitors, if followed seriously, can help you a lot in increasing the time stay of your viewer on the website. This will help you gain a good number of potential customers and great business. Hope you enjoyed reading the post and learnt something useful. You can share your feedback about the post in the comment box below.