Now Manage Plugins in the WordPress Mobile Apps

Now Access WordPress Plugins through Mobile Apps

Check out the new WordPress update to have access to your favorite plugins on WordPress mobile apps. The 9.1 update is out for the android applications and the iOS applications as well. It can also be accessed from the WordPress websites which are self-hosted and are with Jetpack. The business plan websites of WordPress with the plugins can also access this update.

The feature has been added to the app after frequent requests by its users. With almost the whole world accessing information and doing work on the mobile phone, it was necessary for WordPress to install this additional feature in their mobile application. The updated app enables management of the plugins right from the phone like never before.

With the easy access, you no longer have to access your dashboard from the web browser in order to make any changes in your plugins, rather you will now be able to add, remove, edit or update your plugins right from mobile apps. In addition to these features, you can also look for the link on the page of plugins on in order to find quick and better references. Not to forget, you can also manage your auto-updates from your mobile now.

Try Plugins In WordPress Mobile Apps:

To find or manage your plugins within your app, first of all, update to the latest version i.e. 9.1 and make sure you have the jetpack plugin updated to 5.6 version. Then, when you enter the app, you will find the option named as “Plugins” right under the heading of “Configure”.

In case of any queries or confusions or feedback regarding the features or conduct of the app, you can contact the support team of WordPress which is an in-app team.

Final Thoughts:

Providing the ability to access WordPress plugins through mobile apps is another step of WordPress toward its technological advancement. Feel free to comment or give feedback on this read in the comment box below. I will be happy to respond on any of your comment, feedback or suggestion.