11 Product Review plugins for WordPress


11 Product review WordPress plugins

By collecting reviews and recommendations of the customers and clients, we can not only guide but we can also have a great impact on others as well. The addition of reviews to a website for a WordPress user is as easy as adding the right plugin.
The product review plugins for WordPress is as follows. A few examples of such plugins are customized review systems, highlight testimonials, import reviews from Amazon and much more.

Product review plugins:

 Ultimate reviews:

This is a simple review plugin which the clients present the reviews of products, events or anything else. Smart product review shortcodes (displays your review and a review form) and in-depth reviews are a part of this. It also allows creating additional review fields e.g. value, appearance and quality. Include the custom fields in the review in a way that they don’t affect the rating. Price: $39.99 for one website.

Easy testimonials:

Easy testimonials are where the testimonials are added to the sidebar or are fixed to a certain page or a post by the help of a shortcode, it can be as a product page. In order for the ratings to appear in search engine, easy testimonial uses Schema.org complaint JSON-LD markup which results in rich snippets.

WordPress Customer reviews:

A specific page on your blog is set up which receives customers testimonials about a product or your business. You are the one who chooses which reviews get to be shown and the submissions are all moderated. This plugin can be customized referring to the fields to ask for, require and show. Price: free, accepts donations.

Handsome testimonials:

The idea behind handsome testimonials is that testimonials should be more expensive and friendly. The clients will have more trust and with a pro version, you can get feedback on any website page with the help of a shortcode. It allows rotating all live reviews or the ones within a category.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews:

This type of review allows the users to reply and construct a dialogue with the clients. It can edit reviews and the reviews can get titles and attachments. For each product, a summary is generated along with the number of reviews with ratings written on it. Price: free. Premium is $77 per year.

WordPress review:

In here the reviews are generated using stars, percentages or points and are entirely changeable. WP reviews allow support for translation, WPMU, google rich snippets and unlimited colours. Price: free. Pro version is $77.

Rating widget:

Ratting widget is a 5-star rating plugin which gives approximately 70 themes and designs. Rich-snippets add metadata which appears as star ratings in google serach results. Rating data is analyzed using advanced analytics and moderate client’s votes. Price: plans start at $3.99 per month.

Yotpo social reviews for WooCommerce:

This review plugin allows submitting the reviews of the users on social networks and is completely customizable. After-purchase emails are sent to encourage clients to leave reviews. A mini-site is also created with user generated content to improve search rankings. Price: free


Amazon customer reviews are displayed on specific products that you choose. Review iframe can be manually customized from the short code, via custom CSS. The participation in amazon affiliate program is must to use this plugin. Price: free


Wiremo plugin allows the user to fully customize the style, color, size of stars, buttons and review form to fit your website’s design. The automated review request helps to encourage reviews and through the conversation tool reviews are reached immediately. By creating a two-way communication, the wiremo plugin helps in gaining credibility and trust of your reviewers without leaving the app. Photos of the products can also be uploaded alongside the reviews. Price: free upto 100 reviews. Advanced plans start at $9.99 per month.

WordPress Product Review:

WP product review allows your post to be turned into smart reviews with ratings. With the help of shortcodes, WP product review can position the review box anywhere in the post. Automatically generated comparison tables are generated with the help of existing reviews. From amazon, the name of the product, affiliated link, and price are automatically generated. Price: lite is free. Premiuim starts at $59.