Retail e-commerce trends in 2018

Retail e-commerce

The global e-commerce market continues to grow.   It is estimated that sales reached around $2.3 trillion in 2017 with experts predicting that the amount will reach $4.5 trillion three years from now.  With the tremendous growth potential, it is only reasonable that online brands be updated on retail e-commerce trends so they can be a step ahead of the competition.

What are the retail e-commerce trends this year? Here are some of them:

Retail e-commerce trend #1: Use of more animation

More and more firms are expected to use animation in their websites. Animation can tell many things such as urgency and delight. Look for more firms to send emails with images in motion.

Retail e-commerce trend #2: Enhanced photos and videos

Many firms will be avoiding the use of stock photos that can cheapen the reputation of their brands.  Companies will start using high quality videos to showcase their products and for better customer appreciation. Some firms have also been experimenting with the addition of 360 degree images, particularly in showcasing a model wearing their products. Others use animated GIF to show off the key features of their items.

Retail e-commerce trend#3:  Voice search

Another trend expect to take off this year is the use of voice search. With the prominence of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assist, look for many firms to optimize their online stores for voice search. Studies have shown that more than 4 out of 10 millennials these days use voice search before buying an item online.

Retail e-commerce trend #4: Mobile commerce

In the past, retail e-commerce started by creating a desktop website then building an app from it. But this year, the process should have been reversed. Companies will create an app with focus on creating a superior mobile experience and desktop website a far secondary focus.