5 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Increase Sharing of Your Articles

5 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Increase Sharing of Your Articles

With the increasing denomination of bloggers in the blogosphere, your business might severely suffer due to competition and the lack of reach.
A bigger audience creates a better growing business which is why you need to be well acquainted with the powerful plugins that WordPress has to offer.
These plugins are specially created to increase sharing of your content and get you a better exposure. So here is a list of 5 such effective plugins for WordPress:

1. Digg Digg Plugin to Increase Sharing:

Digg Digg plugin has recently been renovated to meet the changing trends of the businesses. It now comes with a dope share-bar that appears on the left side of your content and moves as you read along. This plugin comes with a multitude of services to help you increase sharing.

2. W3 Total Cache to Increase Sharing:

This is a performance plugin that is dedicated to improving the loading time of your blogs. Tests have proven that post installation of W3 Total Cache the loading time of the blog post increases up to ten times. This plugin enables your visitors to have a less downloading time, making everything appear in a jiffy.

3. Simple Reach:

Simple Reach is a plugin that adds a slider box on the side of your content. This slider box will display suggestions of what should the readers read next. This will create a window of access to all the rest of your content, increasing traffic.

4. Social Metrics:

This plugin is created to assess the number of shares on all of your articles on any social platform. This plugin lets you measure the performance of your posts and organizes those articles on the basis of time and the category they fall into.

5. Facebook Commenting to Increase Sharing:

Facebook is a humongous family of social networking. Making use of these already gathered audiences is only the smartest way to increase your reach. This plugin lets your Facebook followers view and comment on your content without having to log in to WordPress.


These are the 5 powerful plugins that will help you give a solid boost to your business by letting the plugins increase sharing of your articles. Now get to work and create quality content that will reach millions of people.