Offbeat Black Friday Marketing Tactics

Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday is arguably the biggest holiday for online merchants. An estimated 150 million Americans shop on Black Friday and the number will continue to grow in the next few years.  Competition among online merchants has become tougher with each passing year. Is your business struggling to get a slice of that huge market pie? Then perhaps it is time for you to try these unconventional Black Friday marketing tactics.

Black Friday marketing tactic 1: Sell on Amazon

If your business is not yet on Amazon, then you should start planning to do so. List down your top products so that these would be showcased for Thanksgiving.

Do you still need more convincing? One report in September 2016 showed that 54 percent of 2,000-plus respondents to an online shopping behavior survey found products on Amazon and not on Google or other search engines.
This shows that to some extent, Amazon is even more important than Google when it comes to attracting online shoppers.

Black Friday marketing tactic 2: Live reads on radio

Live reads are a cheaper form of advertising on broadcast media.  It is read by a disc jockey or radio personality.  For a few thousand dollars, you can already promote your online store in numerous radio stations.

The key is finding a radio station with a sizable reach. Promoting an online store in a small area may appear like counter intuitive given that e-commerce allows merchants to sell practically anywhere. However, this tactic will work as you will be selling to potential customers whom you can easily serve. Moreover, you will benefit from lower shipping if you are to send to destinations close to your warehouse.

Black Friday marketing tactic 3: Direct mail

Direct mail marketing can also boost your online sales. Some of the biggest online firms use it to reach out to new customers. Just like in radio live feeds, focus more on markets that you can serve from your warehouse.