Product Photography Tips for Online Merchants

product photography

With more and more people opting to shop online than visit traditional brick and mortar stores, it has become more imperative for online merchants to focus on product photography.  In product photography, specific techniques are used to showcase products and entice online visitors to purchase them. It is an essential component of both offline and online advertising.

However, not all online merchants have the budget to hire a professional photographer or invest in a professional studio. It’s reasonable to claim that majority of online merchants rely on do-it-yourself photo photography to take compelling photos of their products and upload these in their websites.

The following are some product photography tips for online merchants:

Product Photography Tip 1: Invest in the essentials

A DSLR camera and a tripod are two of the more essential tools online merchant needs for capturing photos of their products.  It’s also possible to use a smartphone in lieu of a DSLR although certain pointers have to be followed in using it.

Product Photography Tip 2: Avoid filters

In using a smartphone for product photography, it is important not to use pre-defined filters and frames. Moreover, users should never touch the digital zoom because it crops the photo. All these things would lower the quality of the photo. It is best to use opt for these adjustments later on, particularly in the image production.

Product Photography Tip 3: Never use built-in flash

Whether using a smartphone or DSLR, never use the flash. It is better to use an external flash.

Product Photography Tip 4: Use a tripod

Online store owners should always use a tripod even if they think they have the steadiest hands on the planet. Using a tripod or smartphone mount will ensure production of razor-sharp images.

Product Photography Tip 5: Use a White Backdrop

A white backdrop will ensure that the white balance calibration of the camera is on point, resulting in more accurate colors.