4 Best WordPress Comment Plugins to Engage Your Visitors

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4 WordPress Comment Plugins that Will Engage Your Readers

Comments play an important role in creating activities and constructing a community for your website. WordPress is one of the best content management systems on the Internet that help the users to create their own website and stay connected with the audience. WordPress comes with a default comment plugin, but you also have the option to serve different comment plugins with your posts to your readers. Let’s check some of the best ones below:

Best Comment Plugins for WordPress Websites

The WordPress website owners can easily engage their viewers by asking for the comments and presenting question forum online. To accelerate it properly they can take help of various comment plugins such as:

1. Native WordPress Comments:

Being a WordPress website owner, you don’t need an additional plugin to get comments on your blog posts or website. It is because WordPress website supports inbuilt commenting system of the WordPress core ships. It is indeed basic but still does its job perfectly. It comes preconfigured and activated on any fresh WordPress installation.

2. Postmatic:

Any comment plugins need someone to visit your website, read content, and then leave a comment on it. With the help of slide-ins, pop-ups, and top bars the Postmatic enacts as a double opt-in plugin. Visitors can leave their comments at the end of blog posts and also sign up for your email list.

3. Jetpack Comments:

Jetpack Comments is a plugin that replaces your blog’s comment type with a new form of comment so that viewers use social login to explore your website. It doesn’t have an effect on how your theme displays the visitors’ comments but it simply affects the form of readers used to leave comments.

4. wpDiscuz:

WpDiscuz is one among the most recent edition in comment plugins section. It has effectively established itself on the WordPress plugin directory with 20,000+ downloads and a powerful rating of 4.9. The wpDiscuz plugin is loaded with countless cool functionalities that upgrade the default WordPress commenting system. The developer claims it to be the most effective to the other big alternatives like Disqus, Facebook Comments, and Jetpack Comments.


Every commenting system has its own pros and cons. This makes it difficult to announce a single comment system as the best plugin. It totally depends on the type of website. But if you are inexpert with WordPress and do not go fuzz with messy configuration, the native comment plugin will be perfectly suitable for your website. You can also boost the functionalities of the native commenting system with other comment plugins like Jetpack or WpDiscuz.