5 Great Examples of WordPress Websites Being Used as a CMS

WordPress websites

5 Great Examples of WordPress Websites

Many people think that WordPress is only good as a blogging platform. But this is not true. WordPress is a complete content management system. Bloggers use WordPress websites just for blogging. So, who could really think about WordPress as a CMS for their site? As regarded as a blogging tool, the 10-year old WordPress has become an independent CMS (content management system) for expert web designers. Millions of agencies use WordPress CMS for their sites around the globe. I’ve selected some of the best WordPress websites to show how much this implausible content management system is proficient of.
Let’s check them out below:

1. The Walt Disney Company:

Is someone there who is not familiar with Mickey Mouse, Mini or Mr. Goofy of Disney world? We all know, behind these popular cartoon characters, is the Walt Disney Company. This global company uses none other than WordPress to build their slick website away from the glossy colored, cartoonish Disney we love.

2. Chicago Sun Times:

Eight times Pulitzer Prize winner and daily newspaper in the city of Chicago uses a solid site framework of WordPress to cope with the daily inflow of hard-hitting research features, sports analysis, entertainment reviews, in-depth political reports, and cultural commentary the paper has to deliver to the people.

3. Da Ink:

Da Ink is an impeccable example of one of the best WordPress websites where the art speaks for itself. Drew Apicture has exploited his creative talents to construct a spectacular site that shows his hard work at the front but mimics it.

4. Travel Portland:

Travel Portland targets to inspire people to visit Portland and to assist them in planning their trip. The stunning responsive site is erected on WordPress and uses a custom-built responsive theme grounded on Zurb’s Foundation framework.

5. Work by Simon:

Simon Carr and Elijah Wasserman’s design studio “Work by Simon” is the website that serves as their blog as well as online portfolio. This design studio basically focuses on designs and development for CSS3, HTML5, and mobile websites. Customized CMS (WordPress) has been their first preference for building WordPress websites since many years.

In a nutshell of Great Examples of WordPress Websites:

If world’s top companies like Disney, Chicago times or Travel Portland can use WordPress websites to create their professional level flawless sites, then it is not hard to believe that WordPress is a good CMS. There really is nothing impossible to achieve by building WordPress websites whether it is for posting blogs for sharing generic information or doing business with it.