A Better Way to Find Your Next Domain Name

How to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your Next Website

Domain name plays a vital role in the success of your website. It is one of the important initial steps which help in depicting the whole concept of why you are creating that particular website. You have to be very careful while creating a domain name as it needs to be accurate, easily memorable, expressive, and depictive. Reading your domain name must give an idea to the user about your website and its purpose. So, it actually needs to be exact and perfect.

Features of the Improved Domain Name Search Tool

In order to help you find the perfect domain name for your website; WordPress has added and renovated various features in the domain search section of the website. These betterments are mentioned below:

1. Design:

The new, attractive, interactive, and modern design helps the user to search for the required names and compare the available options. This user-friendly design of the website and the app would help you find easily what you are searching for.

2. Recommendations of Domain Name:

The website’s domain search provides excellent and accurate recommendations to the users as per their requirements. These recommendations are extracted from 300+ top ranking domains. For example, .blog and .com, etc.

3. Information:

The website domain searches stores all the necessary information regarding the availability, as well as, the value of the domains recommended for you.


These advanced features of the domain name search work not only for the new WordPress websites but also for the existing websites too. In order to search for a new domain name for your site, you need to select the ‘My Site’ option and click on ‘Domains’. Thus, you can create a new and effective domain name for your website without any complications. The recommendations provided by the website would make your work easier and better. This would help you develop the perfect domain name which would play an important role in determining the popularity of your website.