Why re-consider email marketing for your online campaigns

email marketing

For years, email marketing had been lowly regarded among marketers. It has been associated with many negative conceptions such as unsightly, unhelpful, and unsolicited.

But don’t look now as the rapidly changing technology is slowly transforming email marketing.  These days, email marketing has become very important to many online marketers.

Email marketing is now more acceptable

With more and more people going online to shop, the acceptance of marketing emails has likewise been boosted. After all, why should people say no to weekly or daily newsletters that deliver info about deals and discounts?

As such, email has been used more regularly by online entrepreneurs as part of their ecommerce marketing strategy. In fact, almost every website selling a product or service has an email subscription service these days.

Email marketing for tracking customer behavior

Firms have also been using emails to track their customer behaviors. Through read-to-lead technology, firms are able to monitor individual user’s clicks. For instance, a pet insurance firm that identifies a user clicking on multiple email articles may notify a sales representative and ask him/her to get in touch with the customer and offer a deal or promotion.
This doesn’t require advanced programming certification because starting and handling email marketing campaigns is not the difficult at all. Most marketers can learn the system and have a campaign up and ready in a day or two.

Email marketing has focused on content

Email experience has not only improved thanks to new technology but also a shift in consumer perception on content.  Marketers have become wiser when it comes to delivering emails to their customers, focusing more on relevant articles that can help their consumers.  Emails now have value to their recipients.

Indeed, email marketing is undergoing a resurgence. It’s time to consider incorporating it in your online marketing strategy.