Best Business Phone Services for Small Business

Best Business Phone Services for Small Business

4 Best Business Phone Services in 2018 Perfect for Small Businesses

Adding your phone number to your WordPress powered website can pave the way for your business. By linking these two you can avail the convenience of receiving customer’s calls. However, the addition of a business phone service will give you more than just one benefit. You will be able to track the duration of the call, overall usage and much more. Operations like call routing, tracking caller ID etc. will also become extremely easy.
Following is a list of the best business phone services that are apt for small businesses:

1. Nextiva Business Phone Service:

Nextiva is the first choice you should opt for when it comes to business phone services. With respect to the features, accessibilities, and pricing, Nextiva delivers the best. Features like advanced call routing, number porting for free, and custom-made greetings along with the ease of quick set up makes Nextiva the best service. For small businesses, the pricing of this service starts from a reasonable amount of $19.95 every month. You can lower the pricing by adding more users.

2. Grasshopper Business Phone Service:

Grasshopper is another contender for the best business phone service. It offers convenient features like virtual phone numbers and is perfectly apt for small businesses. Having a virtual phone number will allow you to forward calls to any device easily. Grasshopper also offers mobile apps that will allow you to manage your own account. With the option of using multiple extensions, this app is great for remote teams as it can be used from any location or any devices.

3. RingCentral:

RingCentral is a very popular application for the businesses of all sizes. It can cater to big business houses as well as small businesses. Their business phone service is a highly feature rich application. It covers all the standard features like call transfer, call forwarding, caller ID etc. and more. In addition to this, it also provides the option of video meetings with multiple screen sharing, toll-free call minutes up to 1000 and integration with other apps. The pricing is also quite reasonable with $19.99 every month per user.

4. is a great option for your WordPress site and business. This business phone service offers the basic features of a business phone service like call routing, conference calling, and caller ID etc. In addition to this, offers local call minutes to several European Countries which makes it very feasible and cost-friendly.
When it comes to pricing, there are two options to choose from. You can start with pay for every minute or have an unlimited plan. The first one begins from $12.99 and the unlimited plan option begins from $22.99.


These are our top 4 picks in the business phone services perfect for small businesses. You can venture into these as per your requirements. Make smart decisions to flourish your business enterprise.