How to Protect Your Brand Online

How to Protect Your Brand Online

Building a brand’s reputation online is no easy task. Not only would it entail a lot of money and effort, it also take a lot of time to do so. But think about it—one bad review online can put all the hard work to waste. When brand reputation is lost, everything else follows—customers going away, team morale going down and revenue shrinking.

If you care about your brand online, you should take steps to protect its reputation on the Internet. Here are some tips to keep in mind to safeguard the image of your business on the Internet:

Trademark brand name

Here’s something that small businesses often overlook—trademarking their brands. Trademarking a brand protects it against counterfeiters and helps safeguard the company’s reputation. It is thus necessary to trademark your brand’s name including its products, tagline, and logo so these will remain unique to the business.

Search for negative reviews on your brand in real time

Many business owners and their digital marketers are afraid to learn about negative reviews of their products on the Internet. But it is a must to monitor mentions on social media. It’s perhaps the best and most effective way to prevent a negative review from going viral. You can do this by setting up alerts for your brand and using keywords such as outage, scam, fake, and hacked.

Listen to your customers on social media

Social listening is a must for every brand online. Simply put it, if you don’t listen to them, then you won’t hear the good and bad things they have to say about your brand. Social listening will also give you a better understanding of what your business is doing right and the things that you need to improve or work on.