Shopify Seals Deal with Google Nest Cam

Shopify Seals Deal with Google Nest Cam

Firms specializing in software that enable retailers to start their own digital stores continue to seal deals with major digital players. Earlier this year, Adobe acquired Magento, an e-commerce cloud software. And now Magento’s rival Shopify has made a deal with Google and Nest that would make it easier for retailers to keep track of their brick-and-mortar businesses.

The latest partnership of Shopify with Google and Nest is seen to benefit thousands of merchants in the United States and Canada, especially those who still maintain traditional stores. These high-tech tools will make it easier to sell in person.

Google Nest Cam Benefits

One of the persistent problems for retailers with brick-and-mortar business is shoplifting. It is estimated that $45 billion is lost annually by retailers to shoplifters and thieves.

This is where Google Nest Cam can be of vital assistance. Security cameras have long been proven effective in preventing and deterring theft. By partnering with Google’s Nest, Shopify is now offering one of the top cloud-based camera systems today.

Google Nest Cam is simple to use and user-friendly. It provides livestream footage allowing retailers to keep an eye on their stores. The said functionality can be accessed right from the Shopify dashboard.

Aside from helping keep a store more secure, Google Nest Cam can also enable users to check on their stores from anywhere in the world. This is through the use of the Store Cam integration of Shopify which allows users to monitor activity anywhere in their stores.

Google-Shopify Deals Prior to Nest Cam

This is the third deal that Shopify has sealed with Google. It had also partnered with Shopify for merchants to receive payments via Google Play. Shopify has also announced its plans to use the said platform in offering the Smart Shopping campaigns of internet giant Google to merchants.

Look for more deals between e-commerce players and established online firms as the e-commerce competition heats up.