The Easiest Way to Reset Your WordPress Website

The Easiest Way to Reset Your WordPress Website

Reset Your WordPress Website in Just A Few Simple Steps

If you are planning to bring a change in your WordPress website and give it a fresh start, the first thing that you need to do is reset your WordPress database. This can either be done manually or by using the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin.

Steps to Reset Your WordPress Website:

Mentioned below are the steps on how you can use the plugin to reset your WordPress website:

1. Installing the Free ‘Advanced WordPress Reset Plugin:

The first step is to find and install the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin on your website. For doing so, you need to go to the “add new” option under the plugins heading and search for “Advanced WordPress Reset” plugin. Once found, install it and activate it on your website.

2. Resetting the WordPress Database:

After the installation of the plugin, an extra feature will be added under your tools section by the name of “reset database”. You just need to type the word “reset” in the given space and then press the reset database button provided right there.

3. Checkout Reset Your WordPress Done Successfully:

Once you reset your WordPress database, the next window would display a message on the top telling about the successful resetting of the database. You’d then observe that your website is as new as ever.

5. After Cleaning Your WordPress Site:

Your WordPress website will display all the fresh and basic features as it did when you used it for the first time. But the interesting fact is that your installed plugins and themes won’t get deleted. The reset option just disables them and therefore they’ll be available for your use even after the reset. You just need to activate them.


Thus, if you are planning to bring about some newness and change in your WordPress website, you don’t have to think about the lengthy procedure of manually deleting everything you built. A plugin and a few clicks are all it would take to reset your WordPress website.