The Benefits of Instagram Shopping to WooCommerce Online Stores

The Benefits of Instagram Shopping to WooCommerce Online Stores

Instagram has evolved from a mere photo sharing app on mobile devices. It is now one of the biggest social media sites. More importantly for businesses, Instagram has become an online shopping platform that allows them to reach out to a greater market.

To say that Instagram shopping is a big plus for businesses is an understatement. It is said that 8 out of 10 Instagram users follow a business account. Moreover, it has more than 600 million active users. These people not only scroll through their feeds to see what’s happening with the people they know but also to find new stuff from brands they love.

Now is the time for you to unlock the power of Instagram shopping for your WooCommerce store. Your online business can benefit from it in several ways:

  1. Instagram Shopping Results to Organic Selling.

It is considered off-tangent to include prices to beautiful images posted on Instagram.  Many users on the popular social media site find this too pushy and can ruin the reputation of a brand they are following.

With Instagram Shopping, however, you can sell your stuff organically. The addition of a white shopping bag in the upper right corner of a post suggests that the item is ‘shoppable.’ It can be a subtle for online entrepreneurs like you to promote your products and services without ruining your brand’s online reputation.

  1. Instagram Shopping can emphasize product details.

Through Instagram Shopping, consumer will be able to learn the details of your products easily. Tapping a post will show key information including prices which can entice customers to buy.

  1. Instagram Shopping allows users to buy seamlessly.

Instagram users will be able to easily buy a product by tapping the Shop Now button which will direct them to your online store.

Given these advantages, you should start setting up your WooCommerce store for Instagram Shopping. Aside from your WooCommerce store, you will need an Instagram business account and a Facebook page for your online store.

After setting up your store’s Facebook page and catalog, sign or convert to an Instagram business account. You should then connect this to your Facebook product catalog, request for the Shopping feature, and once approved, you are ready to sell more through Instagram Shopping.