Introduction to WordPress VIP and Its Benefits

Introduction to WordPress VIP and Its Benefits

What is WordPress VIP? What are the Benefits?

WordPress VIP is a hosting platform by WordPress for high-end users and large-scale websites. WordPress VIP, as the name suggests, is the premium version of VIP variant is definitely extremely fast and highly secured. It is a hassle-free WordPress platform. Besides being high in cost, it features highly strict standards of coding. This implies that it does not suit every type of company. It should be used only for some specific businesses that specialize in managing high volumes of traffic.

Benefits of WordPress VIP VIP is a class-apart when it comes to flourishing business. It will ease out the worries associated with handling high-traffic, mission-critical and content-quality driven business site. Following is a list of the benefits by VIP:

1. Fully Managed: VIP offers a rich array of services that range from Proactive security, Automatic hourly backups, performance monitoring, Automatic software updates, Review process of third-party plugins, Automatic scaling for handling large traffic volume without any bugs.

It’s like you have your personal development team making sure everything is in its place so that your business never faces downtime.

2. Planning & Assisting:

The very first step while setting up your website on WordPress VIP is creating a detailed strategy and plan of action for your site. This is when the team of WordPress VIP will take the time to review and analyze your needs and expectations. Meanwhile, they will also give you useful insights into what to do.

3. Best Performance:

The complete platform of WordPress VIP is created such, so as to provide you with the best performance of WordPress. It takes care of code optimizing, caching, plugins, CDN service etc. so that you don’t have to bother worrying about these aspects.

4. Top Notch WordPress Security by WordPress VIP:

Your website on WordPress VIP websites will be safeguarded by a customized safety infrastructure. It will proactively prevent and block any type of brute force or attack on your website. There will also be an end to end encryption for all the traffic on your website.


All in all, WordPress VIP may seem a bit out of budget but given its facilities and conveniences, it seems like an amazing investment.