What to Do If Your WordPress Website Is Down

What to Do If Your WordPress Website Is Down

8 Checks to Carry Out When Your WordPress Website Is Down

Isn’t it so irritating when you cannot access your website? More than that, for a growing business with a flourishing traffic, a little downtime can amount to a lot of loss. However, fret not for there are several ways by which you can identify the causes and then resolve the issue. Following are 8 checks you should when your website is down.

1. Wrong Connections:

The first step to do is check your internet connection, re-route your Wi-Fi, refresh your ports and sockets. Sometimes problems can be as simple as two wires that got crossed.

2. Is It You Alone Whose Website is Down?

Identify whether it’s just your website that’s down or everyone is facing the same. This way you can know if the problem is with your system or the server is down.
To test out whether only your website is down or it is for everyone, you can try a few online tools like Down for everyone or Just me or Is This Site Down.

3. Check the Validity of your Domain:

The domain name you acquire with the incorporation of your website has an expiration date. So make sure your subscription has been renewed.

4. Inaccessibility of Website:

Sometimes your website may appear unresponsive but it is not the website that’s down, it just the inaccessibility. This is caused by disruptive auto updates on WordPress.

5. Suspended Account:

Unpaid websites get suspended after a while. Make sure your billing info is updated to avoid any account suspension.

6. Your Server Is Down:

In case the server is facing downtime then that’s the reason for your website facing a downtime.

7. Conflict amongst Theme or Plugin:

Themes or plugins sometimes don’t interact well with each other, which may be why your website is down. To steer clear off this in the future, buy quality plugins and themes.

8. Your Website May Have Been Hacked:

Website security is always an issue and sometimes we lag in keeping the systems safeguarded causing the website to get hacked. This may be why your website is down as well.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you’ve become aware of all this information make sure to take systematic steps the next time your website is down.