10 Best WordPress Chrome Extensions worth Trying

10 Best WordPress Chrome Extensions worth Trying

Some Great WordPress Chrome Extensions that You Should Try

If you’re looking for something to increase your productivity and improve your WordPress workflow, then the below listed WordPress Chrome extensions are your best option.  We have done an extensive research and picked the perfect tools for you.

1. Grammarly Chrome Extensions

These Chrome extensions check contextual spelling errors and grammatical mistakes which makes editing the content fast and easy.

2. CloudApp

This Chrome extension helps in taking screenshots of web pages and inserting them in your blog posts.

3. LastPass

LastPass is the best password management tool available right now. It chooses a unique and strong password for you and also supports automatic filling option.

4. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This powerful Chrome Extensions for SEO helps to find out keywords for you, ideas for your blog posts, keyword reports, and even an in-depth SEO analysis.

5. SimilarWeb Chrome Extensions

These Chrome extensions provide an instant and detailed traffic analysis of your WordPress website including keywords, user engagement rate, the source of traffic and much more.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper clips any article you are reading on the web, lets you highlight important content, share it, and also allows you to open it on any of your devices with Evernote.

7. WhatFont

This Chrome extension helps you find out the fonts on any website by just hovering over it.

8. Asana

It helps you create a team and assign tasks for better productivity. You can also add the URL for later reading and share it with your team.

9. Buffer Chrome Extensions

Buffer helps in sharing the WordPress content over social media, schedule blog posts, and monitor the stats.

10. WPSniffer

This Chrome extensions helps you find out what theme to use on your WordPress website.


Because of hundreds of choices, choosing the right tool becomes very difficult, especially for beginners. Hopefully, our research about WordPress Chrome extensions will make your work easy.