Ways to Use User Generated Content in WordPress

Ways to Use User Generated Content in WordPress

How to Use User Generated Content in WordPress to Grow Your Business

In the online world, business grows through user generated content because it is both, relatable and reliable. UGC is basically the involvement of users on your website. As the users get to take part in your website activities, their engagement increases and they spend more time on your website. High-quality user generated content helps you reach a wider audience, increases traffic and sales.

Types of User Generated Content

The best types of user generated content are:


Comments are the easiest way to get authentic user involvement. WordPress has a default commenting system on all blog posts. If your website does not have a blog page, then it is highly recommended to add one.

2. Testimonials:

Testimonials are very effective. They offer social proof about your website and encourage new buyers. You can add testimonials to your website very easily using the various plugins like WPForms.

3. Reviews:

Selling recommended products on your website can help you generate more user-reviews. Authentic review not only keeps the visitors engaged on your website but also help them make a buying decision. Even search engines love reviews. Many times, search results highlight the reviews and bring more traffic to your website.

4. Guest Posts:

Guest posting on a blog is a very popular marketing strategy. It not only helps the guest author, but also the blog owner. The guest author gets exposure as well as backlinks. You can do this in 2 ways – either create a new user account for the guest author or install a post submission plugin.

5. Community:

The easiest way to get a lot of user generated content is by building a community. Making people interact on our website is the best way to get a lot of traffic. Making it a members-only community will encourage new sign-ups.


Now that users are spending more and more time on your website don’t forget to use Google Analytics. It is equally necessary to track the engagement on your website.