Open-Source E-commerce Cart Benefits

open-source e-commerce shopping cart

What is an open-source e-commerce cart? It’s a platform that can be used and modified by anyone. When building your online store, you’re going to need to decide what sort of software to use. An open-source e-commerce cart may be right for you. Here are some benefits of open-source e-commerce carts.

You can customize your site easily

Open-source software means that anyone can go in and edit the code. With this, it’s much easier to customize your online shopping cart. However, one drawback is that you need some basic code knowledge. Platforms that aren’t open source usually don’t require coding, but because it is a rigid platform, there are limitations. Open-source platforms have the flexibility to grow with your business.

It’s free to download and use

Open-source platforms are generally free to use. You’ll need to pay for extra add-ons, and a domain name, and other things like that, but the base of it is free. This is very helpful for new companies trying to save on costs. Agaim, if you’re not a coder, you’ll potentially have to hire someone to help you out. But if you know how to code, then open-source is a good deal.

There is community-based support

Instead of waiting for customer service reps to get back to you, there are large communities surrounding open-source platforms. This is because the community itself is helping build and shape the platform. You can generally find forums filled with common questions and answers that users have.


Ultimately, an open-source platform can be a great thing to use for your e-commerce business. This is especially true if your business is already large. Open-source e-commerce carts are generally powerful and more creative in ways that hosted carts are not. However, if you have no coding knowledge, it might be best to stick with a hosted cart.