Best E-Commerce Shopping Carts

paying online with e-commerce shopping carts

Starting an e-commerce business? Unsure of what e-commerce shopping cart to use? Hopefully this will help. Choosing what kind of e-commerce shopping cart to use is a major decision for companies to make. With plenty of options, that choice can get overwhelming. Here is a list of the best e-commerce shopping carts.

1. Magento — Rich Feature Set

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. There are two versions of it: the community edition, and the enterprise edition. The enterprise edition is used by medium to large businesses, because of it’s price. You also need to have some coding ability to use the enterprise edition. This edition also uses cloud technology, which helps management costs. If you’re a small business, the community edition is a free, open-source software anyone can use. It’s customize-able and easy to use — in fact, we use Magento for our e-commerce needs.

2. Shopify — Unparalleled Simplicity

Part of Shopify’s popularity is how easy it is to use. This platform provides businesses with basic carts that can cover most e-commerce needs. It was founded in 2006 to sell snowboards; but since then the company has grown immensely. In fact, over 275,000 online stores use Shopify today. To use this platform you have to pay a monthly fee, but it isn’t too expensive.

3. Pinnacle Cart — For Entrepreneurs

Pinnacle Cart was created for people with little to no skill in e-commerce. This means that coding knowledge is not required. There is a wide range of features offered, so you can be sure your online business will thrive. And, there is a free trial to test out the software before purchasing. A large benefit of Pinnacle is that as your business grows, the software can grow with you.


These e-commerce shopping carts are the best of the best. So depending on your budget and coding knowledge you can choose which software is right for you and your business.