Why you Should use HTTPS


What is HTTPS? Well, it is the same thing as HTTP, only more secure. It is what the Internet uses to send and receive data, and you’ll find it in front of every website address. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, because it encrypts the data that is sent and received, so third party hackers can’t see it. Basically, if you’re a business, you should definitely use the more secure HTTPS for your website.

E-Commerce Sites Need Security

If you’re an online business, you need to protect yourself as well as your customers. For one thing, people aren’t going to trust your e-commerce site if it isn’t SSL secured. SSL works with HTTP to get HTTPS. This way, when users go to your website, they’ll see a green lock in the corner of the address bar, which means your site is secured. Therefore, when users buy your products, they won’t get their credit card information stolen. In turn, you won’t get fraudulent purchases made on your site, so you will be protected as well. Overall, a secure site is beneficial.

WordPress Needs HTTPS Too

If you’ve created a WordPress site, that multiple people have logins for, you’ll need to use HTTPS as well. This way, your login information will stay secure, and prevent hackers from taking your website. So even if you don’t run a business on WordPress, you should pay for HTTPS as well.

While the argument of HTTP vs. HTTPS has been going on for a while, many sites are making the switch over to the secure version. It should be noted that HTTPS takes a bit longer to load websites, but in the long run, it’s better to have a secure site over a fast loading time. In a few years, perhaps all websites will automatically have HTTPS instead of HTTP.