Online marketing lessons you can learn from your dog

Online marketing lessons you can learn from your dog

Man’s fondness of dogs is well-documented. We love them for their unique personalities. Their adorable faces never fail to brighten our days. But do you know that dogs can teach us several lessons on online marketing, too?

On the surface, it can really be hard to fathom that dogs can impart a thing or two about online marketing. But continue reading and you will realize that our pups can share lessons on effective digital marketing such as:

Online marketing lesson 1: Be alert and ready for industry changes

Have you noticed that some dogs, while sleeping, would pop their heads up after hearing a noise? What’s more interesting is that the noise is barely noticeable to us humans. Then when dogs would look around their surroundings and go back to sleep when they see no present threat.

What does this tell us? Online businesses should be alert and ready for industry changes. Marketers should take the lead by paying attention to digital marketing trends. It’s a must if they want to stay ahead of the competition, especially if they learn about these trends quickly and consequently adapt their strategies in order to find continued success.

Online marketing lesson 2: Create content that your audience likes

There are dogs who like to perform tricks in front of their owners and even strangers. Some dogs even perform signature tricks to the delight of the people around them.

The tricks that dogs make can be likened to the content that digital marketers create. Dogs can teach digital marketers something valuable—create content that their audience is interested in seeing. It’s the same manner by which digital marketers should employ in promoting their respective businesses.

Online marketing lesson 3: Evaluate and adjust

Finally, dogs are known for their short memory span. If you’ve trained one, you should know that it is critical to either praise or correct the dog so it will respond to your commands. Otherwise, the dog won’t have any idea of what you want him to do.

This can be related to your digital marketing strategy, too. If you don’t monitor it, then you won’t know if it is working. Evaluate your online marketing strategy now and adjust accordingly to get the results you want.