New digital marketing tactics that your business should try

New digital marketing tactics that your business should try

The stiff competition between companies that engage business on the Internet has further underlined the importance of digital marketing. Is your firm’s business getting the kind of push from your digital marketing efforts? If you feel that isn’t the case, here are four digital marketing tactics you might want to try:

Digital marketing tactic 1: AI-Powered Platforms for Finding Real Customers

Here’s one thing you may not know about the online ad world— bots are driving online ad traffic. In fact, estimates that nearly $20 billion is lost every year to bots attacking online ads. Fortunately, there are artificial intelligence-enabled platforms like that you can turn to., for example, helps businesses and digital marketers build relevant audience base for their marketing campaigns. This can lead targeting authentic and relevant audience. Companies like Microsoft are employing this method to find real customers for their online ads.

Digital marketing tactic 2: Native Shopping Experience Offered on Social Media

An experiment ran in 2017 showed that Facebook users favor native video content. Not surprisingly, Instagram launched its Shoppable Posts afterwards to help users shop instead of having them directed to a website link.

The key lesson here is that websites should offer engaging native shopping experience on their social media accounts.

Digital marketing tactic 3: Harness video marketing

Many digital content experts agree that the future of content marketing is video marketing. And social media offers a great platform for video marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Vertical videos are particularly getting a lot of rave online.

In short, the digital marketing world constantly evolves. It has become an imperative for businesses to keep up with the trends in the business. Digital marketing is arguably the most efficient and cost-effective marketing avenue today so it’s only practical that your business should focus on it. Start by considering the three tactics mentioned above.