New Premium Themes named Photo Blog and Small Business Introduced

Two New Premium Themes Introduced – Small Business and Photo Blog

There is a good news for small business owners and photography bloggers who are having a WordPress powered website or are planning to get a website to represent their skills, products, and services. Two new premium themes have been introduced the last month namely Small Business and Photo Blog. Let’s have some more information about them.

1. Small Business

Establishing a business is no easy task and with that understanding, this Small Business WordPress theme allows you to understand and establish a good working website for your business in just a few simple steps.

This new theme is available at a low introductory price of $5 and even free with the premium and business plans subscription. Investing with such minimal amount can help you accomplish your entrepreneurial goals.

The layout used in this theme is kept simple and single-column to enhance the reading experience despite the size of your device. It also features some simple system fonts in order to facilitate reduced page-load time.

Features of the New Premium Themes:

  • Ease of Communication: The Small Business theme displays your contact information in the form of a link on every page so that the customers can directly contact you or track the location of your company without any hindrance.
  • Promotions: There is a separate slot of promotions in this theme which displays your promotional details right on the front page of your website so that it isn’t missed by anyone.
  • Styling: Presentation is necessary, so add the style of your choice from the available three options which are Modern Flair, Country Charm, and Classic Elegance.

2. Photo Blog

This is yet another interesting and one of the new premium themes aimed at the visual storytellers available for $36 and even free with the premium and business plans subscription.

Features of the New Premium Themes:

  • Design: The Photo Blog theme gives you two new layouts apart from the default square layout. These two new designs are Grid Layout and Masonry. The prior helps you add some space between your pictures whereas the latter one creates an interlocking grid.
  • Styling: To enhance the appearance of your Photography blog site, you can change your display style to Retro Photo, Elegant, or Vintage Paper by choosing any one of these as per your wish.

These are the two new premium themes introduced in WordPress to make your work easier and effective at the same time. Make wise use of these new themes and enjoy having great websites.