How businesses can maximize their presence on Instagram

How Businesses Can Maximize their Presence on Instagram

Once only known for enhancing and sharing pictures, Instagram has become a social media giant. Small business owners have also been using it to reach out to their target markets. But many small entrepreneurs hit a wall upon signing up and setting up their profiles . The familiar question is– what should businesses post on Instagram?

Having a steady flow of content can be difficult for many small retailers. A recent research showed that businesses should post three times over a period of two days on Instagram to be able to maximize their presence on it.

Here are some recommendations for retailers who are clueless on what to do with their IG accounts:

  1. Post videos or photos of products on Instagram

This is arguably the easiest way to generate content on the popular social media site. Posting photos or videos of products on Instagram will help in driving sales and promoting businesses.

Small business owners can be creative in this regard. They can simply post photos of their products. Or perhaps feature their products with other complementary items. However, they should also remember not to post too much photos or videos as they can come across as spammy.

  1. Show behind-the-scenes photos or videos on Instagram

If small business owners are still clueless on what to share on the popular social media site, they can take their followers behind the scenes. This strategy can create transparency and build trust. It’s also refreshing for many followers especially those who are fatigued by product images.

  1. Go live on Instagram

Live video is yet another kind of Instagram post that can quickly build customer relationships. It not only feels authentic but also gives followers the opportunity to interact with brands.

  1. Focus on employees

Big companies may also opt to give the spotlight to their employees. Content that focuses on or created by employees can show the human side of a brand, allowing users to have an emotional connection with it in the process.