WordPress com vs WordPress org – Which is Better?

WordPress com vs WordPress org: What’s the Difference?

Blogging has been one of the most prevalent trends on the Internet, and it is still going strong. Amidst numerous CMS around, WordPress stands tall as the uncontested leader. But the problem that plagues any budding blogger is: WordPress com vs WordPress org, which one to choose?

There is no clear answer to this. To understand better, one has to take an individual look at both these platforms.


This is the “real” WordPress, the one you have heard so much about. Free and open source, WordPress.org only requires a domain and web hosting, and you are set to go.

Numerous plugins are available to give you additional features, both free and paid. You have full control over the site and its data. As long as it is legal, no one can tell you what not to post. The revenues you make on WordPress.org are exclusively yours. You have complete control over the website and can customize it as per your needs. This includes the themes and any other CSS involved.

On the downside, you will have to manually update the site and create backups.


On the other hand, you have WordPress.com. The main difference is that WordPress.com is hosted on WordPress servers, so you don’t need to buy your own hosting. But unlike its counterpart, WordPress.com is not entirely free. Apart from the limited free plan, there are other plans with varying fees.

There is no need to buy hosting or domain. Free Hosting is provided with 3GB of initial space for beginners. Domains are free if they are available. You don’t need to manually update or backup the site. WordPress.com does that for you.

However, WordPress.com will add “.wordpress” in the domain, and place their own ads on the site.

WordPress com vs WordPress org – Comparison

Though WordPress com vs WordPress org might seem like a tough choice initially, WordPress.org wins quite easily. Apart from having to buy domain and hosting, WordPress.org is better in most other aspects. It does not place its own ads, do not interfere with what you post and give you full customization rights over your website.

If you like having full control over your blog, the choice is simple.