Digital marketing future: How will it look like?

digital marketing future

Digital marketing continues to evolve. How does the digital marketing future look like? This article explores some of the emerging trends that can guide your respective businesses in preparing for the next digital marketing disruption.

Integrated global marketing is part of digital marketing future

In the past, online marketing was focused only on increasing a website’s number of visits. To achieve this goal, online marketers focused on email campaigns, social media management, blog publishing, and digital advertisements.
However, there is a shift from merely generating website traffic but also on converting leads.

Online marketing specialists should now integrate inbound and outbound marketing. This approach, called ‘warm calling,’ can be exemplified by sending an email to a blog reader. Said email will share more meaningful content and further market the product or service being offered by the website.
There’s also the case of evolving digital marketing roles. In the past, the chief information officer is typically on top of digital transformation. But now, the chief marketing officer should be more involved.

Internet of Things to drive digital marketing future

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already been a disruptor in the business world. Moving forward, expect it to further change digital marketing.

IoT will lead to a significant increase in the number of touch points. Those touch points will also become more sophisticated.  The connection of more objects and devices to the Internet will also mean more opportunities for digital marketing specialists to connect and interact with potential customers.  Paired with the increasing understanding of consumer attitude thanks to more comprehensive usage data, marketers will be able to design campaigns that target the right customers and lead to better interactions.

Focus on smaller audiences

Small businesses, on the other hand, will be focusing on growing a smaller albeit more engaged audience. Small firms will realize that it isn’t always ideal to chase mass audiences.