Success tip and tricks from online female entrepreneurs

Success tip and tricks from online female entrepreneurs

More and more females are getting into entrepreneurship. In fact, 4 out of 10 new entrepreneurs in the United States are women. Many of these new merchants are millennials who are making their mark on the e-commerce field. But what lessons can these successful online female entrepreneurs share with people who also aspire to make it on their own?

Here are some key lessons from the stories of some successful online female entrepreneurs:

Success tip #1: Tap into influencer marketing

These days, online entrepreneurs don’t have to sign up a big-name celebrity to promote their products and services. Tapping influencers is a more practical approach. Amanda Thomas, founder of online-based Luv Aj, has built a huge business by tapping influences that include models and singers.  Thomas says she doesn’t discriminate influencers based on their social media following. She says an influencer with 50,000 followers can be just as effective as one with a million followers on Instagram.

Success tip#2: Sell on Instagram

Many people think that Instagram is simply for showcasing the latest offerings of an online store.  But it should also be considered and utilized as an online selling platform. According to Thomas, her online store has used different ways for her Instagram followers to buy jewelry. For example, an Insatram post can be tagged to a product directly synced through their Shopify store.

Success tip #3: Use digital tools/platforms

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify can enable anyone to sell goods to any person in the world. Take the case of Mehera Blum, the founder of Blumera which sells luxury handbags, shoes, jewelry, and ready-to-wear. Blum uses Shopify as her e-commerce platform, allowing her to sell anytime, anywhere.

Shopify makes it easier for Blum to connect to her customers as she can focus more on customer service.  She cites that Shopify also allows her to provide her customers with more product options taking into consideration their buying history.