Ignite Buffalo, Facebook to help small firms in e-commerce

Ignite Buffalo

Ignite Buffalo, a mentorship and grant program of the organization called 43 North, will team up with social media giant Facebook in offering assistance to smaller firms and enable them to grow their online businesses. Facebook will join other top online firms such as Amazon Web Services, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Quickbooks in the said organization.

Ignite Buffalo will particularly help small businesses to become successful in e-commerce. New York-based small firms can apply for mentorship and grants which range from $25,000 up to $100,000. The chosen firms can also get access to resources and knowledge as well as mentorship for up to 12 months from Ignite Buffalo’s partners.

Ignite Buffalo Partners

There will be 27 grants from Facebook and firms applying for it will have to present their business plans during the event called Facebook Community Boost scheduled from July 9-11. Other Ignite Buffalo partners will also be on hand to provide training and support to the participants of the event who wish to make a splash in the digital world.

Local institutions such as schools and clubs have also joined hands in support of the Facebook initiative. The idea is that the social media giant has the resources, training, and digital know-how to help small firms grow and make it big in the e-commerce market. The Facebook Community Boost is also expected to increase public awareness on the program and bring in more partners for the Ignite Buffalo program.

Ignite Buffalo Potential

This grant program is still limited to the western section of New York. But if the movement becomes successful, expect it to spread to other areas of the United States. Facebook is said to be willing to invest $1 million in the program. With other big players expressing willingness to support it, the Ignite Buffalo program could be the platform to help small firms leave a mark in the e-commerce market.