Tips for Quality Product Photography

Product Photography

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs who sell fashion items online such as clothes and accessories need quality product photography for their websites. After all, customers are more interested in the look of the products on sale than the text descriptions. But not all online merchants have the budget to afford a professional photographer.
If you’re one of those online entrepreneurs looking to enhance the quality of product images uploaded on your website, here are some tips for quality product photography to keep in mind:

Quality Product Photography Tip 1: Plan a Shoot

Get organized before conducting a shoot. Gather all the materials needed, coordinate with the photographer, and make sure that everyone is on the same page. You should also prepare a shot list which lists down all the products to be shot, features to be highlighted such as embroidery, and how the items would be worn (in case you have a model).

Quality Product Photography Tip 2: Prepare the studio

In product photography, consistency is very important. The setup should be documented thoroughly to maintain a consistent look from one shot to another. Keep in mind how the lights, camera and products are positioned so you can replicate the setup in the future.

Quality Product Photography Tip 3: Style the products

The product itself will be the ‘star’ of the shoot so make sure that it looks well by styling it.  Get rid of visible labels like tags and stickers. Repair damages, if any. Then iron or steam it on the day of the shoot.

Quality Product Photography Tip 4: Capturing photos

In capturing photos, remember to always place the product in the center of the surface.  Also, don’t forget to set up a reflector card as lighting is very important in photography. And once you’ve taken photos, don’t forget to upload it on a computer to evaluate.