Facebook Bots and Online Business

Facebook bots

Most, if not all, business owners are aware of the social media and its impact on their businesses. But not all of them are aware of the emerging technology called bots. Facebook bots, for one, can enable business owners to directly communicate with their customers. It can also humanize companies, giving their customers the impression that they are communicating with real people.

What are Facebook Bots?

But you may wonder—what are bots? There’s a good chance you have interacted with one at some point. Bots are small apps working inside widely used messaging programs such as Facebook messengers. The Facebook bot, for instance, can interact with visitors and enable them to know more about a company’s products and services.

What are the Uses of Facebook Bots?

Facebook bots are commonly used in customer service, programmed to recognize commonly-asked questions and consequently provide the appropriate answers.  Queries such as ‘is the product available?’ can be readily answered by a bot.
Yet Facebook bots can also be used in a company’s marketing efforts. It can augment and enhance the human marketing team, bolstering their productivity. From recommending products based on a customer’s purchase history to providing suggestions based on search queries, Facebook bots can prove to be a valuable marketing tool for firms.

Advantages of Facebook Bots

Facebook bots are so good at answering queries and solving problems that customers won’t even realize that they are having a conversation with a machine.

These bots are also easy to use and accessible. It’s a more practical tool compared to specialized apps rolled out by online brands. Instead of downloading an app and figuring out how to use it, users simply chat with the Facebook messenger bot of a brand they are interested in.

Moreover, chatting with Messenger bots is almost the same as chatting with a human. Users only have to type a question and the bot will provide the appropriate answers.