Four Useful Lead Generation Tools for Your Business

lead generation

With the intense competition online, digital marketers need to step up their game if they want their businesses or clients to stay relevant.  One way to do so is to generate leads through digital marketing.

Lead generation is an important activity for every business. It’s cost-efficient and highly effective. In fact, one study indicates that 88 percent of buyers online research about a product or service first before making a purchase.
If you’re clueless on lead generation and how to get started in this area, here are some lead generation tools that you can try:

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

This is a special feature that’s particularly designed for generating leads for businesses. It is the best means of running lead generation campaigns on the popular social media website. People interested in your product or service can fill out a form in the ad with their contact details, so you can follow up with them.

LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

LinkedIn may not be as widely popular as Facebook but it’s an effective vehicle for targeting professionals. Its Sales Navigator is a new tool that helps brand promotes their products and generate leads. There’s also the Lead Gen Forms that offers a new way for generating leads and collecting information on prospective buyers.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is another social media site known for driving traffic as well as generating leads. Its Twitter Ads is also an effective way of getting your tweets seen by a larger audience, which is very useful if you are trying to generate more new leads. Moreover, Twitter ads is very cost-effective which makes it highly recommended to firms with small budget.


It’s a platform that’s very useful for marketers wanting to reach out to a larger audience. It’s also one of the better lead-generation channels for any business. Answering questions and being active in the community will get your brand the attention, and potentially leads as a result.