Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Be Catching Up on

digital marketing

Digital marketing has been the rage for the past several years. It’s become an imperative for any business, big or small, to employ digital marketing tactics in order to stay ahead of the competition. Below are some of the trends your business should be doing:

Digital marketing trend 1: Mobilfication

A growing number of online shoppers are buying using their mobile devices. It’s no surprise that mobile will continue to be a priority for many digital marketers in the years to come. It is also the reason why websites should be mobile-ready or viewable on mobile devices.
Here’s one way to put mobilfication in motion: send several messages to your prospective customers a month.

Digital marketing trend 2: Chatbots

Chatbots have been the rage as of late. These are computer programs that can respond to comments or questions of customers. These are used for engaging customers, answering their common issues and closing businesses.
Setting up a bot correctly can do a lot of wonders to businesses. It’s hard for the ordinary individual or customer if they’re talking to a real person or a bot.
Chatbots can be used on messenger apps like Facebook Messenger. These tools enjoy high open rates, sometimes hovering the 80% mark. This means sending a thousand messages via the chatbot tool could yield 800 persons seeing your message; which is far better than sending emails.

Digital marketing trend 3: Videos

The rise in popularity of Facebook Live and Instagram videos highlights how vital video is in reaching out to a wider audience. Video has the ability to tell compelling stories. It can help your business to get its message across and in the process, lead to higher sales. One research suggests that video on a sale page can increase conversions by up to 80%.