Email marketing tips for small business owners

email marketing

Email marketing was once deemed ineffective by many small business owners. But don’t look now as studies continue showing the change in customer preferences. It seems that many clients online prefer receiving promotional materials via email. Moreover, return on investment on email is impressive—it is estimated that every dollar spent on email marketing can yield $44 in return.
If you own a small business online, here are some email marketing tips that you should keep in mind:

Email marketing tip 1: Make signing up easy

This one is obvious. If you’re to grow your firm’s email list, then you must make it easy for anyone to sign up. Make sure there are subscribe forms found throughout your website. Place them in noticeable areas such as the homepage, in widget areas, in the footer section or within the blog content.

Email marketing tip 2: Incentivize

Aside from making it easy for visitors to sign up, you also need to encourage people to sign up. How? By offering incentives.  Something of value like an e-book, coupon, or even a checklist can be given away to people who sign up for your email list.
People will feel more confident revealing their email addresses if they get something in return. Thus giving an incentive is always a proven way to encourage people to sign up.

Email marketing 3: Change the content

Subscribers won’t like it if you send out the same content in every email. This underscores the need to vary your content.  
There’s no shortage of content ideas for your email marketing campaigns. For example, you can invite local customers to an event that your business is hosting. This may be a seminar or product demo. You can also send emails to customers about a new product or service that your business is launching.