How to Make Copy Work for Your Online Business

Make Copy Work for Your Online Business

Many online merchants overlook the importance of copy in their e-commerce stores. They think that conversion is hinged mainly on optimization, design tricks and other gimmicks. But copy is very important as it tells the story of the business and defines the goods or services offered by the online firm.
Here are three tips to make copy work for an online business:

Prepare copy that talks to the target audience

This may be so basic but many marketers and online business owners tend to forget that they should write to please their customers, and not their brand.
The ideal copy on an e-commerce site should sound as if the customer is seated next to the website owner. It should be conversational with a relaxed tone. If the copy is written in that way, then customers will be pulled in and encouraged to explore the site even further.
When writing for customers, online marketers should consider the nature of the product they’re selling and the kind of person likely to purchase. For example, a store selling electronic products should present the specifications and features of the items on sale.

The copy should have powerful words

The website copy should be exciting for customers to notice it. This is the challenge for marketers—how can they make their product sound appealing or exciting for prospective buyers?
Here’s one tip—step back for a bit and understand what the product offers to customers. For example, does a certain pill improve the health of a person? Can an electronic product make life easier for the customer?

The copy should let customers speak

Website copy should not always be about the brand taking a hard-sell approach in marketing its products. It can also use customer testimonials; allowing current consumers to vouch for the company and the products or services it offers.