Hershey’s tries to stay relevant as more people buy groceries online


Hershey's tries to stay relevant as more people buy groceries online

The Internet is changing the way even big and traditional companies are doing business. Chocolate giant Hershey is one prime example. As more and more consumers buy their groceries online, food and beverage firms like Hershey’s have took notice and devised ways to get shoppers to click and order for their products online.

Hershey’s chief sales officer Phil Stanley bared that the firm is investing more in technology in an effort to capture a greater slice of the online market while still remaining relevant to the offline work.  Meanwhile, Hershey’s chief digital commerce officer Doug Straton said that while there is still a shelf and basket, all these things can be done in a smartphone.

Hershey’s has announced that digital will become integral to its DNA moving forward. It has restructured its departments to integrate digital-focused employees into its sales and marketing sectors.

Buying groceries online

Numerous studies have shown that more and more people are now buying groceries online, which is forcing traditional businesses such as Hershey’s to change their marketing strategies.

A 2018 report from Nielsen and Food Marketing Institute showed that 7 out of 10 consumers will be shopping for their groceries online by 2024. The same report indicated that half of Americans today are buying groceries online with millennials having the highest rate of 61% and GenXers at around 55%.

Remaining relevant as people buy groceries online

Hershey’s has implemented several ways to stay relevant to people who buy groceries online. It has focused more on targeted advertising. The Pennsylvania-based giant has bared plans to expand this data-driven approach in the coming years.  It has utilized pop-up ads to provide suggestions to shoppers as they shop online. This is especially done when customers are not making the minimum amount for free shipping.

The company has also given customers an option to reload their shopping carts with previously bought items. Even recipes have been shown to entice them to buy all the ingredients with one click of the mouse.