Three ways to unlock your firm’s e-commerce growth

Three ways to unlock your firm's e-commerce growth

A company’s success hinges largely on its ability to sell its products and services. To do so, a good sales strategy should be in place. There are different strategies available for growing your online store’s sales but the real challenge is implementing them. In this post, you will learn some of the imperatives to unlocking your firm’s e-commerce growth:

E-commerce growth tip #1: Integrate social media

Many e-commerce stores are now integrated with Facebook or Instagram, making it easier for customers to buy directly through the two popular social media sites. This is one of the best and cost-efficient ways of improving the reach of a business. To get started, you need to create a social media profile that’s dedicated to your business.  Your business logo design should also stand out in order to catch your customers’ attention.

E-commerce growth tip #2: Enhance the packaging design

Online entrepreneurs hardly pay attention to the packaging design of their products. But this has great significance in e-commerce. Packaging design is a vital component of online consumers’ shopping experience. It also helps in building the brand identity of a business. You should also aim to have a product that would be delightful and enticing for customers to unbox.

E-commerce growth tip #3: Create a strategy for abandoned carts

According to Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is around 70 percent meaning your online store is losing about two-thirds of potential profits on any given day. This underscores the need to have an abandoned cart strategy.

There are several ways to counter this. One is to be honest about shipping fees and other charges up front. Studies have shown that this is the top reason why many customers abandon their carts online.

Another way to encourage your customers to complete the buying process is to simplify the checkout process. Moreover, you should not force shoppers to register with you. And you should also include more payment options.